Monday, May 11, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

On Saturday night, a tornado touched down in Washington, Vermont causing considerable damage. There was golf ball sized hail in South Royalton, Vermont. Mother Nature dished up a bit of minor drama in our corner of Vermont.

It had been sunny and warm all afternoon. Pipsqueak went to a birthday party, and the kids spent a lot of time outdoors chasing each other around with water balloons. When we got home at 3:30, I started prepping for our dinner guests. We were having tandoori chicken on the grill with mango jasmine rice, a salad and crème brûlée for dessert. Sweetie made the crème brûlée in the morning. When our friends arrived just after 5 pm, the chicken was marinating, the ingredients for the rice pre-measured, the salad in the fridge, the dressing made and table set.

About the time the first round of martinis were served, the clouds had rolled in and it was getting windy. Beginning with one major gust of wind, our power went out and the deluge of rain and pea-size hail fell. Being the unflappable family, we lit some candles and made another pitcher of martinis. Before long, it began clearing and we were treated to a beautiful double rainbow, which we all went out in the remaining sprinkles to fully enjoy. I should have taken a photo, but being well into my second martini, I probably would have taken a photo of my finger instead. Geez, a tornado and a rainbow! Where are the tin man and the scarecrow?

The dinner went off without a hitch thanks to a grill, a gas stove and a blow torch. (The blow torch was to caramelize the crème brûlée.) Now how do we top that next time those friends come over?


Tammie said...

i know the main point of this story was the weather, but honestly all i can focus on is that meal! my god, martinis, tandoori chicken, creme brulee?!!! i want to come to your house.

Clare said...

What a story! My hubby would have been flapping like a crow and would not have been as inventive as you guys.I am glad that the weather did not dampen your spirits or damage your house

Liz said...

I'm so glad you are all OK. How scary! Dinner sounds delicious.

Lorilee said...

I've never had a martini, but oh boy, I love creme brulee!!

Anonymous said...

Question is: WILL the friends come over again?? Big excitement!

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