Thursday, November 20, 2008

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Have you always wanted to own your very own firetruck? Perhaps Junior has asked for a firetruck for Christmas? Here's your chance. And it's a ladder truck!! Could come in handy for cleaning those second story windows or getting that pesky cat out of the tree for the umpteenth time. You'd have no trouble getting through rush hour traffic. The handy uses for this purchase are endless. I'll bet you could get a great discount on homeowners' insurance if you owned your own firetruck. I vaguely remember growing up that someone in our neighbor drove a used hearse, but this would have that beat.


Kitt said...

Please tell me you're considering it!

Anonymous said...

I remember that guy who drove the hearse! Somebody young, wasn't it?

I've often thought that a ladder truck would be a great help to me in painting murals. The only problem is that most of my paintings are done inside. Hmmm... but there's a concept here that's worth exploring!

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