Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogging Etiquette - A Cry for Help

I've been feeling my way around this new world, learning the ropes and trying not to offend anyone in the process. Every once in awhile, I read about some one's blogging faux pas, and feel relieved that I hadn't done that specific unthinkable myself.

I do have a question, and maybe all you seasoned bloggers out there could enlighten me because I want to do right by all the wonderful people who read and comment. If someone comments on your blog, should you:

a) respond to them in the your comments section?
b) respond to them personally if you have access to their email?
c) read their blog and periodically comment when you have something to say?

I've been doing c, but I'm hoping my commenters aren't feeling slighted or unappreciated.


Tammie said...

i try to comment back if there is more to say, but sometimes there just is nothing else to add so I try not to stress about it.

after i comment on someone else's blog, i usually come back later in the day to see if they had responded, but if they didn't i don't get worked up about it.

but yeah, i usually do C too.

She sure is strange! said...

I kinda do "c" too. If someone asks a question I will answer in my comments unless I have an email back to them(and not that noreply thingie). I have found that a few of my regular bloggy friends do reply in their comments, sometimes to everyone who has written them! I'd find that tedious at best. Anyway, I don't look at blogging as something that has to be done a certain way and hope I wouldn't be judged harshly if I wasn't following "the rules".

As far as *when* I comment, its mostly to things that are of interest to me, not every post someone writes. That would be waaaay too many comments!!

Not much help am I?


Betty said...

I agree with Molly. I comment where I have something to say. And when someone asks something in my comments I email them back. If they leave no email and the question is important enough, I go to their blog and answer in their comments section.
But don´t stress about it. It should be fun!

Vicki said...

I almost always do A, and try to do C, but that's just me, everyone's different. Do what you feel like, it's your blog!

Betts said...

Tammie, Molly, Betty and Vicki:

Thank you for your sage advice. I'll stick with "c" and through in a little "a" as needed.

Aunt Becky said...

I usually do c. I can't follow and comment on all the posts in my reader, but I do read them all. And I almost never come back to a post unless I've confronted someone about something there.

I used to email people who commented, but I'm not so good at it anymore.

mari said...

All of the above. However, I find that when using b, not many people come back to check if you replied to their comment. I know I don't go back to a post where I have left a comment.

Kitt said...

I try to respond in the comments section, though I don't always get to it right away. It's not like I have 40 comments on every post, so it's not a big ordeal for me. I do check on other blogs where I've commented, to see if there's been a response. Some bloggers do, some don't. It doesn't bother me if there's no response, unless I've asked a specific question.

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