Thursday, June 4, 2009

Celebrating Farming

Last weekend, our town had a Farm Fest to celebrate local farmers and encourage people to support farming in our community. There were lots of animals, farm food vendors and some local music. For Pipsqueak and me, it was all about the animals.
She may have been the black sheep of the family, but she was the friendliest.
I love alpacas and llamas. I can usually make friends by humming to them, but this one couldn't hear me over the band that was playing.
This sleepy calf needed a name beginning with "C". Pipsqueak suggested Cookie and that's the one they chose. She does look a little like an oreo.
These goats were a couple of uncooperative models, and kept turning their backs on me. My persistence paid off.
Hey, I didn't know Phyllis Diller was going to be there!
And on a non-animals related subject, how about a bike blender? The faster you peddle, the faster it mixes. Nothing like burning off a few calories before drinking a milkshake.


Tammie said...

HA! Phyllis Diller!! I nearly just fell out of my chair!!

Vicki said...

I must have an alpaca. Too cute.

Friend of mine made a blender with a weedwacker motor and dirt bike handlebars. Pull the throttle = margaritas!

Betty said...

hahaha, I love that Phylis Diller rooster! Looks so like her!

Kitt said...

Fun! I love farm shows. The animals are so interesting and sweet. Does humming really attract alpacas?

I need a bike-powered computer.

Aunt Becky said...

I so need to be a farmer.

Clare said...

The chicken picture made me smile big.

Anonymous said...

Good old Vermont....

Liz said...

My daughter giggled at all your pictures - especially the chicken. Thanks.

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