Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love and Marriage

It's time I gave my readers a little love. I've been away for so long, but I've been too busy to write. I've had so many ideas of things to share with you, but no time or energy to do it. But tonight I have a few minutes of peace and quiet, so I thought I'd write about love.

Last Saturday, Sweetie and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. How can that be? It only seem like a couple of years. Honestly, I'm not sick of him yet. It is hard to live with another person because he's not.... well... me. Everyone has their own way of doing things, their own likes and dislikes. Even two people that are similar like we are, can't agree on everything. But the good far outweighs the bad; we compromise, compliment and complement.

After all these years, when I drive down the hill to the house, I'm happy when his car is here and disappointed when it's not. I just enjoy having him around. He's good company. If something is bothering me, it's him that I want to talk to; if something happened in my day, it's him I want to tell.

A few days ago, I was running errands and lost my car keys. I only have one set (a fact I will remedy soon). I'd been back in the store twice looking and looked all through my purse and car. I called Sweetie, not because I wanted him to fix the problem, but because I would find talking to him comforting and calming. He laughed at me, which was okay too, because it lightened my mood. (I found the keys in my pocket. I forgot I had pockets in those shorts. Duh!)

Someday, I'll try to give Pipsqueak advice on what to look for in a man (which she will no doubt ignore). If she listens to nothing else, I hope she'll find someone she can laugh with... someone who makes her laugh and who she can make laugh.
Thanks, Sweetie for all the laughs and all the memories. Oh, and I'll be renewing your contract for another year.


Clare said...

Oh that made me cry. That was lovely to read. I feel the same way about my sweetheart. 18 years of bliss. Here is to 11 more for you. Hey, come over to my new blog.

Tammie said...

i love this! i love the picture too.
pipsqueak better listen because i think you know what you're talking about. (but yeah, she probably wont. they never do.)

Lorilee said...

What a sweet post. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry--Pip will pretend not to listen to you but she will have taken it all in. I am so happy for her that you guys are happy together. No better example than that...

Aunt Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!

Liz said...

11 years is fantastic. She may ignore your advice, but she will have lived with a good example for years..

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