Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Return

Boy, did I ever lose my writing mojo. I lost my mojo for a lot of things, but I've pulled it together for nearly every else. During the Christmas season, I had so many things that I wanted to share with you, but I couldn't seem to get them out of my head and unto your screen.

Pipsqueak got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, which includes several games, one being Snowball Fight. One of the opponents is in a snowman costume. The first time you hit him, he falls over, the costume falls away and he pops up in human form looking dazed and shaking his head. You have to hit him again while he's dazed, before he recovers and redons the costume in order to win that point. That is a metaphor for my life the past few months. I was hit by a friend's death, and before I could shake that off, I was hit by another.

I don't make New Year's resolutions because I don't need a date on a calendar to dictate when I need or should make a change, and the changes I make are usually long term rather than for a year. This year, I felt like I needed a fresh start, and I hoped that New Year's Eve would be sort of a magic portal from a year that sucked to a brighter tomorrow. Of course, New Year's Day came, and I didn't feel any different. But I did realize that I don't feel as bad as I did a month ago.

I think I'll still make some changes... a few things that will make me happier: lose a little weight (as soon as all the holiday goodies are gone), exercise a little more (just because it feels good and I'll be healthier), paint a few things that need painting, purge a lot of stuff that I don't need, spend a little more time being creative (which includes writing here), finish several projects that have long been in progress and experiment with cooking more.

I also need to start accentuating the positive. I've never had to do that before, because I've always been a positive-thinking person, but I've felt way too negative lately. There are a lot of positive things in my life and a lot to be happy about. Those are the things that I've got to move to the forefront of my mind.

I've been away for awhile, but I'm on my way back.


Vicki said...

Hey Betts - Happy New Year to you. Good to see you back :)

Clare said...

I am so happy that you are back. I really did miss you.

Happy New Year! I am with you on the weight loss resolution.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Glad you're back.
Everyone I speak to has been saying the same thing which as much as it sucks I find interesting.

I know I am with you in this.

Happy New Year - here's to a "lighter" load and feeling ahead.

Tammy H. said...

Glad to have you back. Hope 2010 is a good year for you, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a bit of darkness to make you appreciate the light.... One of those points of light for me is that I get to see you again in a few weeks after more than 25 years.... I'm really looking forward to it.

Tammie said...

im so glad youre back. although ive been regularly stalking you on Facebook, its nice to have you return to bloggy land. :)

Liz said...

I'm right there with you on both the pounds and the need to be positive!

kanishk said...

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