Thursday, July 31, 2008

You Get What You Ask For

Retailers really want our money. Sales are down as people are buying less in this down economy. If you want to save money, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Borders sends out email coupons to reward members frequently.... 30% or 25% of one item, 40% off any movie, etc. Did you know that you can ask for discounts even if you don't have a coupon!? Shocking, I know. It was a store clerk that told me this. Just go up to the counter during check out and ask, "Are there any discounts available to reward members today?" The two times I've asked, I got 30% off my most expensive item. Rewards membership is free and it only takes a minute to sign up.

Are you in the market for a major appliance or electronics item? Pick out what you want: brand, model, size and shop it online. Print out the item with the best price you can find and then take it to a local retailer that carries the same item. Many will price match even if they don't advertise it. Just show them the print out and say, "I can get this same television at for $x,xxx. Can you match it?" Don't feel badly when they roll their eyes and tell you they have to ask the manager. You'll feel better when you're heading home with a television in your back seat and an extra couple hundred dollars in your bank acccount.

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