Monday, August 4, 2008

Spontaneous Pickles

Pipsqueak and I were poking around in the garden to see what was ready to be picked. We found lots of beans, a couple of tomatoes and a few cucumbers. Most were slicing cukes, but two pickling cukes were ready. I suddenly felt a strong urge to make pickles. They were on the big size, so I thought we might have enough to make a quart jar. "Pipsqeak," I said with excitement and determination in my voice, "we're going to make pickles!" "Right now?" she asked, a bit incredulous. "If we have everything we need, yes!" She knows, after six years, that when I get like this, she might as well just go with it.

First I hit the internet. I needed an easy dill pickle recipe. I found this one and divided everything by eight since we were only making a quart. We made another trip to the garden to pick dill, made the brine, sliced the cukes, peeled the garlic, put everything in the jar and processed it in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Voila! One jar of pickles in a half hour! (I skipped the ice water soak. I am not a patient woman when I get inspired.) Now we have to wait two months to open them. I can't wait, but in the meantime, they are beautiful to look at.

The fruit of our labor. Vlasic, eat your heart out.

Dreams of future pickles. Come on little guys... grow, grow!


Dustin Pedroia said...

I like pickles but they give me BAD gas. I had a friend once who ate his pickles after only one month - his large intestine got lodged in his nostril and it had to be surgically removed so, wait at least 2 months or else.

Steve Steinberg said...

You used the wrong vinegar - that happened to me too except my spleen landed on the kitchen floor during Thanksgiving dinner. Try Shaw's brand.

Monty said...

You and your blog are awesome! LOL OMG WTF - I don't know what those things mean but I notice other bloggers write them so I will too!

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