Thursday, August 14, 2008

Suffering from SSS

Yes, it's the dreaded "Single Sock Syndrome". If you knit socks, you know the feeling. You get some beautiful sock yarn... something soft, a pretty color, maybe self-striping. You can't wait to begin. You knit to the exclusion of anything else until you get that heel turned. Oh look, it's starting to look like a sock! Then you can try it on periodically and dream of a sock drawer filled with these beautiful creations. Somehow the urgency abates and a few days or weeks later, you're ready to Kitchener Stitch the toe. Voila! A sock! You try it on, twisting your foot this way and that and swelling with pride. And here comes the let down...

you have to do it all over again! It's like a cruel trick. It feels like you finished something, but you're only half done. I read a knitting pattern that suggested that you work both socks simultaneously in sections. I get too excited to do this. I have to keep going and see what the next part is going to look like. Then there are the magic socks where two socks are knit simultaneously on one circular needle. I cannot get my head wrapped around those instructions. I feel pretty happy that I can successfully turn a heal.
The remedy for this syndrome is simple. I always have more sock yarn ready to start the next pair, but I don't allow myself to start using it until the first pair is done. It's a great motivator.

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