Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Maybe you were busy and Halloween sort of snuck up on you, or you got a last minute invite to a Halloween party. There's no need to join the crush at iParty and empty your wallet while you're there. Here are a few costume ideas that you might be able to pull together in a few minutes with stuff around your house.

Lame Excuse – post its that say “traffic”, “dog ate it”, “it’s in the mail”, etc. and walk with crutches or a cane.

Cereal Killer – attach empty mini cereal boxes to yourself with plastic knives sticking out of them

Smartie Pants – attach smartie candies to your pants

Static Cling – pin socks, bras, underwear and dryer sheets to your clothes; tease hair if possible

Q-tip – wear white top and pants and stick cotton balls to a stocking cap and cotton balls on some old shoes.

Gum Stuck on Shoe – dress all in pink and attach a shoe or flip flop to your head

Leftovers – wrap yourself in aluminum foil

No Pest Strip – dress in all yellow and stick rubber bugs to your clothes

Tourist – big hat, camera around neck, fanny pack, Hawaiian shirt, shorts, crew socks and sneakers; maybe carry a map

Deviled Egg – dress all in white, attach a big yellow circle to the front of your shirt, wear devil horns and carry a pitchfork

Dr. Pepper – wear scrubs or a doctors jacket with accessories such as a stethoscope, mask, etc., and attach pepper packets to your clothes

Bright Idea – dress in yellow or something boldly colored and write “IDEA” on your chest

Identity Crisis – buy a box of “Hello My Name Is” stickers. Put different names on all of them and stick them all over your clothes

Someone You Can Count On – dress in black, cut out numbers from white felt and attached them to your clothes randomly

Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes Prize Patrol – wear a blazer, carry a bunch of balloons and a piece of poster board that you’ve made look like a check

Shot In The Dark – dress in black and wear a shot glass around your neck

Movie Theater Floor – cut out a piece of cardboard that will cover most of the front of your body, paint it black and attach some straps so you can wear it in front of you. Stick on theater candy, popcorn and empty drink cups.

A Salt and Battery – glue a salt shaker and a battery on a baseball hat and wear it. Also put black makeup around an eye, maybe wear a sling or use crutches.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!


~Missy~ said...

Here's you one to add to the list (someone actually wore it to the party we went to last weekend)
White Trash...cut arm and leg holes into bottom of white garbage bag, staple tea bag tags, dryer sheet and various other trash to it, slide it on and fluff it out with some tissue or tissue off with a cereal box on your head
It was funny...

~Missy~ said...

Oh, and from my aunt...she said to go to the dollar store and pick up fake lips and 8 of the cheap baby dolls and a few scarves...put the babys in the scarves wrapped around you, put the fake lips on and "TADA"..YOU are Octo Mom

Chris V. said...

Ha! Someone at another blog asked for costume ideas, one suggestion being villains - well - how about dressing as a banker carrying a big bag of government money. haaa!

Happy Halloween!
Chris Verstraete
Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystey - bff's, a missing mini painting and a nosy Dachshund = a fun kid's mystery!

Thistledew Farm said...

Hello Bettina, I am ready to ship the Traveling Masterpiece to you. I hope to have it in the mail tomorrow!

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