Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Iron Requirement

I lied. I didn't come back Monday. I wasn't inspired. Some sun might help. It has been cloudy or rainy here for more days than I can remember and now it's snowing. There's no chance of seeing that yellow orb in the sky until Thursday. Even my dog, Monty, is fed up. He goes out to do business, and then comes back in and goes to bed. Normally, he stays out for hours barking at the birds.

If the sun wasn't going to inspire me, I sought some inspiration from you, the bloggers that I love and read. Claire from This and That and K from Blog Goggles blogged about things they want, so I started thinking about what I want. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies.
I want a Lodge cast iron grill pan. I'm addicted to cast iron, which is something that I thought would never happen. Sweetie got this 12" pan, the first in our cast iron collection. I hated it. It was too heavy, and I couldn't move it around easily. Once I started using it, I loved its even heat and versatility. I can brown meat on the stove and put the whole pan in the oven to roast. I also love how easy it is to clean... just rinse and scrub with a brush and rinse again. This pan lives on our stove because it gets used at least once a day.

We got a cast iron dutch oven or stock pot on temporary loan from some relatives that were between houses. Once they reclaimed it, I had to go out immediately and buy one for myself. It is the cooking vessel for every soup and stew I make. I couldn't live without it.

My non-stick omelet pan wasn't living up to its name anymore and had to be replaced. Not surprising after 10+ years of frequent service. I found this set of cast iron pans at the thrift store, and I use the middle one for omelets. I don't know what brand they are, and the quality doesn't seem as good as Lodge, but I like the ergonomic handles.

We have one more pan in our collection... a whopping 15" inches in diameter. This one is a bit much for me to handle, but it's necessary if we're cooking meat for more than four people. I can roast an average size turkey in this. It only comes out when we have company.

Sweetie thinks that the difference of cooking in the grill pan would be insignificant, and virtually the same and using the flat pan. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?
(I apologize for the quality of the photographs. Cast iron and flash photography are not friends, but today's natural light is dim or dimmer.)


Clare said...

Neat Neat. What do you cook in your cast iron? I was given a recipe for upside down pineapple cake from my mother in law but my hubby doesnt like pineapple.

Liz said...

I too am addicted to cast iron. Pretty much the only thing I don't use it for is boiling water. Otherwise I use it ALL time and cook everything in it. I was lucky enough to inherit all of mine from my mom when she was moving - frying pans (big and small) and dutch oven with a lid that fits one of the pans. Fantastic.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, very funny that our wish lists are slightly different. I can't remember the last time I cooked!

Anonymous said...

My brother-in-law's favorite sentiment about my sister when she gets a little too moody is: "If she gets outta hand, I'll just hit 'er upside the head with a cast iron pan"! And I'm sure you know who I'm talking about!

Anonymous said...

Clare, I'll tell you what I especially like to cook in cast iron: stir fry. Being the ♂ of the house, when I want hot, I mean blast furnace. No stir-steam for us! The cast iron allows you to bank heat so a quick caramelization is achieved.

Rick in VT (DYVT's hubby)

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