Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Day

I'm glad the band isn't so popular anymore, or I might have a lot of disappointed Google searchers stumbling upon this post. Here is my collection of green.
I love these dark green velvet, beaded valances which hang in my living room. I'll probably leave them up until they rot from old age and fall to the floor in shreds. Then I will experience a period of grief, knowing that I will never again find something I love as much.

We have a pineapple and palm tree theme in our living room. I know it's odd for Vermont, but the colors of burgundy, dark green and gold makes it feel more plantation than tropical, so it works.
This piranha that I painted in pottery guards my steel wool scrubber.
My mom made this afghan that I keep in the sitting room ready to warm up chilly toes.

Pipsqueak sculpted and painted this dinosaur in art class at school. She was proud of the fact that she knew how to form the back from doing the edge of pie crusts with me.
I've kept this hibiscus alive for the past eight years. I get two or three flowers a year. The green wallpaper in the background is in my kitchen, but I plan to redo those walls soon. It a bit too 80s country for my taste.
Since I was a spaz and did blue first instead of in the order of the rainbow, tomorrow is purple day.


Tammie said...

i love the piranha!

Dee said...

My favorite is the pie-crust edged dinosaur. I'm becoming a big fan of her artwork!

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