Thursday, February 19, 2009

Only the Lonely

I put Sweetie on a bus today. From there, he'll go on a plane and another plan, then a train. Eventually, he will end up in Austria... for nine days. Now before, you start bashing him for being a heel and leaving me behind, you should know that he's going skiing with his uncle. They are expert skiers and I am a beginner. The sort of beginner that feels pretty certain she could face plant in the snow at any time. Sweetie gets stuck skiing with me and Pipsqueak most of the time; he works hard and he deserves to let it rip with the experts.

But I'll miss him. He's been gone four hours, and I already miss him. It's nice in a way... I probably take his company and companionship for granted, but with him gone, I'll appreciate him more. We've been married over 10 years, but he still makes me laugh every day, I love his warm feet against my cold ones in bed every night, and I love being near him, even if we're sitting on the sofa clicking away on our laptops.

When he goes away (which isn't often), I always get the urge to change something while he's gone. I'd love to paint a room or remodel the closet, but I'd get way in over my head, and things might look worse instead of better. I'm going to try to clean out a few neglected areas before he gets back. I've got a few ideas for something a little bigger, but we'll see what happens.

In blog news, Liz at Quilted Turtle has inspired me with her yellow photos this week. For the next six blog-days, I'm going to feature photos from each color of the rainbow. I'll start tomorrow with blue.


Betty said...

Can´t wait to see them!
It´s so nice to read how you love your "sweetie".

Tammie said...

i always have mixed feelings when the hubby goes away..i look forward to the "alone" time but after a few hours i start missing him, worry about his safety, wondering what he's doing, etc...

can't wait to see your photos. maybe i'll play along too if you don't mind. i love that kinda thing.

Kitt said...

That's a pretty nice ski trip! But he should've come to Colorado with you and Miss Squeak instead. Great skiing, and plenty of fun non-skiing stuff.

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