Monday, February 23, 2009

Yellow Day

Yellow was a lot more difficult than orange for me. Who'da thunk it? I did manage to find a few things.
I can't get through a day without my Mom's Plan-It calendar. If I lost it, I'd have no idea where I need to be. I love that it runs 18 months, so I can plan an entire school year.
Pipsqueak painted this for me at pottery. She's a ray of sunshine to me.
Here are a couple more bottles from my collection.
We found this sea fan awash on the each in St. John last winter. The wooden fish isn't the right species to go with a sea fan, but they look nice together anyway.
Pipsqueak has had this paper star nightlight in her room since she was a newborn. It has faded a little.
Tomorrow is green day. That should be easy-peasy. Now I need to go out and shovel some more of that white stuff.


Tammie said...

i had trouble with yellow too.

pipsqueak is quite good at all types of impressed.

Betty said...

Nice collection of yellow!

Liz said...

Great yellow. I love the idea of an 18 month calendar!

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