Friday, March 20, 2009

Am I Too Old for Pop? Me and Katy Perry.

Thanks to all the computer equipment Sweetie has to buy for his business, we had a $10 rewards certificate for Best Buy that was about to expire. I went in today and browsed the movies. I didn't find anything that I cared about owning, so I thought I'd check out music. I haven't bought any music in at least five years. I mostly listen to 80s rock and I could count on my fingers the new artists that I like, but I do like Katy Perry. She writes her own songs, which are similar to the tortured twenties poetry I used to write. She's quirky and crazy without being controversial, she's popular yet private, and breaks fashion barriers to call attention to herself. She reminds me of me at her age... minus the fame, talent and recording contract.

I picked up the Katy Perry CD and headed to check-out. I was looking forward to popping it in the CD player and rocking out to "I Kissed a Girl." The cashier, a friendly 20-something, told me what a good album it is. "Is it for your daughter?" "No." I grinned sheepishly. "Oh," unsuccessfully concealing her surprise, "it's for you!" Apparently, I don't meet the Katy Perry demographic. As a forty-something, did she expect I'd be picking up some easy-listening?


Vicki said...

Katy Perry's one of the few current ones I like too. Try Lily Allen, she's along the same line.

Tammie said...

ha ha ha...i think i got that same look when i went into Hot Topic and bought Twilight merchandise.

i second the sentiment above...i love lily allen.

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