Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sweetie returned home last weekend from his ski trip in Austria. I'm so glad he's back, so I have someone to laugh at my lame jokes and warm my cold feet at night.
I am certain that I wouldn't want to be a single mother. Pipsqueak is an easy, well-behaved girl, but it's tiring being on all the time. Every question, every need, every request, every demand relied on me. Sometimes we moms need to pass the ball, get out of the game and sit on the bench.

Pipsqueak received a beautiful loden cape from Austria, but Sweetie said he was stymied when looking for a gift for me, and he didn't want to get something for the sake of getting something. Good for him. He did think of me, however, while at his London connection on the way home.
Cadbury Dairy Milk is probably my favorite chocolate, but it has to be ones made in the UK, NOT the US. The US stuff is a totally different texture. The UK makes it smooth and creamy. I remember the first one I ever had at a tube stop in London. It was summer, so it was a little soft, and it was love at first taste. I'll be making these last... only a couple little squares a day, eaten slowly and allowed to melt in the mouth.


Clare said...

Love your blog. Found it by way of Green Turtle. Im a british gal, married, living in Ca. with an only child and I also like knitting. We have a lot of similarities. ALSO, my freezer is full of british chocolate. You are right, the ONLY chocolate to be had is the ones made in UK!

Tammie said...

i am so freakin' JEALOUS!!!! i love imported british chocolate. where i used to live in south florida, there was a british grocer and every few months i would stock up on mushy peas, hp sauce, and about $40 in various chocolate bars. i dont have such easy access anymore so it's been awhile.

there is a local Indian grocer that stocks the imported chocolate but the selection isn't all that great. plus, i feel like they judge me when i go in and dont buy any of there yummy looking currys and just get a sack of candy. is this all way too much information?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm..... Imported chocolate.... You'll get tired of it, so let me send you my address:

Clare said...

I have my parents bring me over a huge supply of HP, Tetley Tea, Golden Syrup, Cadburys Chocolate and bacon chips called Frazzle. Divine. I have them in the "Dont touch Mommys Stack" pile

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