Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cabinet Revelations

My blogging friends were a prolific bunch this weekend. I had a lot of reading to do today to catch up since I've been busy working. As I expected, it took nearly three days to clean and organize my cabinets. They look soooo much better and everything feels more convenient even though I made very few changes.
I got rid of a lot of stuff. It's hard to part with things... everything has a story and memories, but I have to remember that just because the THING is gone, doesn't mean the story is gone too. We had two drip coffee makers, we haven't been drinking drip coffee at home in almost seven years... GONE. There were a couple of vases that I received as gifts that I didn't like... GONE. I have a big pile of stuff to sort; what will go to goodwill and what should just be thrown out.

I used to be a Pampered Chef junkie. I think I went to something like 20 parties in a year. I practically owned the entire product line. I had a couple of things that were brand new and unused in ten years. I'll try to resell those. I'm glad I've overcome my PC addiction.

There were a few things I couldn't bear to toss. One was an oyster knife even though we've never eaten oysters at home. Maybe we will; it's probably much cheaper to eat them at home. I made rediscoveries... things I haven't used in a long time because I forgot I had them. They'll get a stay of execution until the next clean out to see if a more convenient location will bring them into use.

Going through my pantry cabinet, I realized that I shouldn't have to grocery shop for about a month. There is way too much stuff in there, and I need to start planning meals around it. There's a surfeit of egg noodles, so we'll have some beef stroganoff soon. I've got to figure out what to do with two cans of coconut milk. I think I have an Asian recipe that uses it.

I'm taking a day to tidy the rest of the house because the clutter monster took over while I wasn't looking. Then it's back to the master list and more deep cleaning.


Kitt said...

Good for you! That's quite the project.

I vote for coconut rice pudding.

Vicki said...

Now you've guilted me into doing my own spring cleaning :)

I vote for coconut ice cream.

kari and kijsa said...

Great job- they look fabulous!
kari & kijsa

Aunt Becky said...

Oh, how I love to get rid of stuff. It makes me a little more excited than a normal person should be.

Future Mama said...

Wow, good for you for being tidy! I know how it feels with having to be in the mood to organize... I really don't have the patients unless I'm feeling it that day! haha

I've been brosing through your blog and notice you have a nice sense of decorating too! I love the colors you choose to highlight!

In response to your comment on 3 heated mom topics... I agree! But I don't really feel like I was opposing or on one side or another with regards to being a SAHM... I was trying to ask what it was like... What the challenges are, and obviously some people thought I was trying to make it a bigger deal. Trust me, if I wanted to get controversial, I could, haha. But in this case I was just trying to feel people out.

I did post on breastfeeding before... I asked why people do or don't do it... No one took that topic the wrong way.

I'm asking the co-sleep question too, soon, but I don't think that should be controversial either (or so I hope).

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