Monday, March 9, 2009

We Temporarily Interrupt This Blog Post

Today was going to be a post about the signs of spring. They are out there; I saw them this weekend. But then spring decided to pull a blanket over its head and going back to sleep... a blanket in the form of six inches of fresh snow. Mother Nature is a fickle woman.

Instead, I will send a little doggy cuteness your way. We were watching a show on PBS a few nights ago about Yellowstone Park, and specifically the wolves, coyotes and foxes that live there. Monty thought this was much better than the usual fair of reality shows and crime dramas, so he found a good place for viewing and gave it his rapt attention.
He tried to communicate with them through a series of woofs and low growls, but an adequate response was not forthcoming. I guess he will never find out how to score a mouthful of meat like this.


Tammie said...

monty is so cute.

btw: i love the earrings. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so CUTE! My dogs can't figure out how to "watch" TV. I went to the NE Aquarium yesterday and saw the penguins!

Clare said...

what cute pictures. Our pooch doesnt have the attention span for tv, she is too busy herding everyone.

Kitt said...

That's so cute! I wonder if Monty has dreams about wolves now.

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