Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natasha Richardson Dead After Tragic Accident

Most have you have probably heard that Natasha Richardson, 45, died on Wednesday. She fell while taking a ski lesson at Mont Tremblant, on a beginner trail. She got up laughing seemingly unhurt and refused medical treatment. An hour or so later, she developed a blinding headache. In less than 24 hours, she was declared brain dead, transported to New York so her family could say goodbye, and was removed from life support. This makes me feel sad... almost sick inside.

She got up Tuesday morning, just like we all did, thinking it would be an ordinary day. She had plans... probably had plans well into the future. She didn't think about her own mortality. She didn't expect that she would never again get out of bed to greet another morning. We don't go through our lives thinking about the accidents that might happen; we take our lives for granted unless we're diagnosed with some serious illness. It's sad when someone dies of an illness, but there is time... time to prepare, to say goodbyes and I-love-yous. A serious accident doesn't provide that opportunity. One minute, you're living life, and then life is gone, and the loved ones left behind are shocked and devastated.

She had two sons, ages 13 and 12. There's no good time to lose a parent, but they're too young to have it happen to them. There are so many events and rights of passage in their lives when they will miss her: first dates, prom nights, graduations, weddings and more. And there will be ordinary days when they'll feel the hole she's left behind, when they just need their mother's arms around them. Even big boys need hugs from time to time.
Natasha was a classy lady. She and Liam Neeson had been married for 14 years. She led a quiet life, that kept her name out of the tabloids. Her boys were unrecognizable to the public, which probably allowed them to lead fairly normal lives. She was a talented actress who chose meaty roles in Hollywood and Broadway. She leaves an excellent example for celebrities to follow.

Perhaps she leaves an example for us as well. Maybe we'll appreciate life and those we love a little bit more... even for a few minutes.


Tammie said...

this is beautifully written.

she was far too young. i always thought she and liam were classy too.

she will definitely be missed.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

One of my favorite holiday movies is "Love Actually" but I'm not sure if I'll ever watch it the same way. Liam plays a grieving husband who lost his wife, way too young. It just hurts to think of him having to experience this in real life. I'm certainly going to hug everyone a little closer today. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post.

Lorilee said...

Such a sad loss of life.

Shey said...

What a devastating loss, unbelievable.

That's why we have to treasure every moment with our loved ones.

Clare said...

Beautifully written. I am sick about it too. Can't stop thinking about it. I hope that wearing a ski helmet is made the law now. I loved her in Maid in Manhatten. The movie is not very exceptional at all but she, (along with Ralph Fiennes) provided some class.

She will be sadly missed and I have been lately giving my little girl longer hugs at night and also 10 more minutes of storytime because life is too short.

Anonymous said...

I remember first seeing her in "Nelle" with husband Liam and Jodi Foster and I thought she was absolutely beautiful. Being 45 myself and having whacked my head similarly recently, I have new appreciation for my good fortune. She'll be missed...

Liz said...

Well said. I'm still in shock - especially since I just took my son to the ER for a blow to the head! SCARY to think she could go so fast.

coffee maker said...

Natasha Richardson really was a charming actress; she will be missed

Anne said...

You said it so perfectly. Wasn't this just the saddest story. My heart also felt sorrow for her two son's. It kind of reminded me of Princess Di because she also had two sons. It's just so sad.

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