Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Horsing Around and Thrifting

On Saturday morning, Pipsqueak was in another horse show. Unlike last time, I felt cool as a cucumber and didn't get all jittery about the outcome. I took photos and video, enjoyed her riding style, and swelled with pride when she took first and second place ribbons in her two lead-line events.

My jitters came earlier when she informed me over breakfast that she wanted to arrive early so I could braid her pony's tail. Okay, I'm no horsewoman, and I'm not that comfortable around animals that I can't comfortably carry. Standing behind a horse (even a small one), fiddling with his tail didn't seem like a safe activity, but not wanting to disappoint her or cast my fears upon my child, I smiled and said, "Sure, Pip. I'll go find a ribbon for it."

When we arrived, we were told that her leader wasn't there yet, and I was asked if I would be comfortable getting the pony out of the stall and putting him on the cross ties so Pip could start grooming him. That's like asking Jesus if he was going to be comfortable on the cross, but again, I rose to the challenge. Just putting his halter on was like a puzzle. Horses' tack has way too many flaps, straps and buckles. This pony couldn't have been more cooperative, unless he talked and told me what to do. I kind of held the harness and he just slipped his head in, and the tail braiding went well, although it was not my finest braiding work. I was just thankful it was done and I didn't have any black and blues in the shape of hooves.

By then, the leader was there. She helped us tack up and took Pip into the ring to warm up. Once around the ring, and it was obvious that this woman was having a breathing problem. I found out later that she has asthma. She asked me to hold the lead line while she spoke with someone. Pip hadn't ridden in three weeks, and she wanted to practice posting, so I smiled in fake confident manner, "Okay. Let's go, " and I started leading the horse around the ring. I walked; he walked. I ran; he trotted. I couldn't believe it! I was controlling a horse! Just when I was getting comfortable with it, a replacement leader came and took over for me. I feel like we both won that day, and I was proud of myself and Pip. Not to mention what a beautiful morning it was. I loved how the fog rolled around making it look very English countryside.

Just down the road from the horse farm, I saw a sign for barn sale. I saw it on the way in, but with my braiding challenge before me I didn't think I had the time or mental state to stop and shop. On the way home with all the happy endorphins flowing from conquering my own personal fear factor, I couldn't resist. There was some jewelry that I liked, but it was priced too high. I was almost ready to leave empty handed when I saw this fabric from Schumacher's Country French II collection.
There were 5 yards for $2, and they are colors that I tend to use in our house a lot. At first I asked myself, "Self, what are you going to make with this? What do you need with more fabric?" I started to turn away, but then I said, "Shut up, self. It's only $2, and it's beautiful." I drove away a happy woman.

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

Oh Betts, those internal conversations about buying something or not can be trying. Good thing your thrifty/shopping self won out. The fabric is lovely and I can't wait to see what you will make with it. When I saw your daughter on the horse I felt a longing for Cerys to ride. I think she would love it but I'm not sure where to start. Everything here is so expensive for lessons. Just because there is a bridge and water separating us from the rest of the county they think they can raise the price for everything.

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