Friday, September 5, 2008

Thrift Therapy

I'm just home from a morning of thrifting, and I feel absolutely giddy. So much for the slump... I've had thift tonic, and I'm better now.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that there are five thrift stores within a half hour of my house. I haven't explored further afield, but who needs more than five anyway? It took me most of the morning to shop two of them.

First I un-thrifted. I had the back of the car loaded with stuff to drop off at the thrift store. I love getting rid of stuff too. We have too much stuff (doesn't everybody?), so when I can move out some things that clearly aren't being used or loved anymore, it makes me happy.

There were some good deals: pink tags were half price, as well as short sleeve shirts, capris and shorts. So here's the booty I plundered today...

... some pretty clothes for Pipsqueak. The dark blue top is velour with a faux fur collar and cuffs and it's American Girl. The olive green top is a little more "hip" than "little girl", but she's starting to show interest in those styles. At 83 cents, I thought I could indulge.

These are all GAP. I love GAP clothes, but I don't like to pay GAP prices. The sweater is so soft and was only $1.60.

I just had to get rid of my favorite sun dress. It had elastic smocking in the back which was giving out, so it sagged and the shoulders wouldn't stay up. Finding this pretty sundress cushioned the blow. I love all the shades of green. Green is my new black. The shirt is from Talbots for $1.80, and the capris are from Banana Republic for $2.40. I wasn't sure about the brick red color, but it's time I got out of my khaki and denim bottomed rut.

Then we move on to the housewares and accessories departments...

the little black embroidered case is so pretty. I'm going to save it until Christmas for Pipsqueak and put a couple of handmade necklaces in it. I can also wear the purple scarf as a bohemian belt since I have such a tiny waist >cough, cough<. The truth is the scarf is really long. I've been collecting some narrow necked bottles to make beaded reed diffusers as Christmas presents. I'm not sure if the blue round box will be for me or Pipsqueak, but it was too pretty to pass up at 75 cents. The clothespins are for making Clothespin Cuties (more on that another time). The napkin fabric reminded me of Waverly, but there were no tags. A couple of weeks ago, Sweetie broke our only spreader and cut his finger so deeply I thought he might need stitches (he didn't). I thought I would increase our deadly kitchen gadgets four-fold.
In case you thought I didn't get anything for Sweetie, I did. These two candle lanterns are for the solarium he's building. (I'll post an entry about that soon.) I hope he likes them. He has definite opinions about decorating and fashion. He's not one of those guys that shrugs his shoulders and says, "If you like it, it's fine." Most of the time, I'm glad for his opinions. If he doesn't like them. I'm sure I can re-sell them.

I was tempted by other things like silver plated wine goblets at $1.12 each (I've already got enough silver to polish.), one of those retro bead dangly things for doorways (Pipsqueak is still a little young for it, and a few other bits and bobs. I do practise a little restraint.

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Elefanterosado said...

I love thrifting too. Maybe it's a Vermont thing. I like giving stuff to SEVCA in Bellows Falls and getting my closets cleared out. Also, I get all of my son's (aged 3 1/2) clothes from my sister, so I get all designer labels that a well worn and washed and have love laundered right into them. We're far enough away from retail stores that it forces us to be creative and environmentally conservative. Thanks for reminding us of those good old "Damn Yankee" values.

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