Friday, September 19, 2008

Meet Monty

Hi, I'm Monty, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
The nice lady that writes this blog belongs to me. She's been busy the past couple of days getting ready for a tag sale. I hope she doesn't take any of my toys; some of them still have stuffing to rip out. Anyway, I thought I'd help her out. After all, she does a lot of stuff for me... feeds me, brushes out my loose fur, scratches all those hard to reach areas and talks to me in a sweet voice. She does a few things I don't like, too... baths (we dogs like eau de deer scat on our necks), and that angry voice and finger finger wagging I get when I do something that's perfectly acceptable in dog world, but apparently a faux pas in the human world. The worst thing she does is leaving in the car and not taking me. I know I must be missing a fun time, and I love riding in the car.

There a small person that belongs to me too. I like to play tug of war with her, but I worry about her. She's pretty small compared to the other humans here, so I follow her around a lot when she's home just to make sure she's okay. She did choose me over my seven brothers and sister, so I feel like I owe her something. I usually sleep on her floor for awhile when she goes to bed, since I know she doesn't like being alone upstairs. As soon as I hear something in the kitchen though, I down there. There could be an ice cream bowl to be cleaned or some other yummy offering.

I love food. They feed me some great food here, but the stuff those humans eat is amazing. I love it all... meat, fruit, vegetables. I lay under the table when they eat because that small person drops stuff once in awhile. I love doing the pre-rinse of the stuff in the dishwasher. It's like a mini-buffet.

Oh, and there's a cool guy that lives here. He growls at me and then we wrestle, or I do the duck and dance while he tries to catch me. He's the pack leader, so I listen to him most of all.

So, I spend my days sleeping, eating, visiting my neighbor dogs (Oliver and Ruby), ripping up my toys, and following that nice lady around the house. Oh, I like to herd birds and helicopters too, but I haven't caught one yet. I'm a herding breed, and since no sheep or cows live here, I herd what's available.

Wasn't I a cute puppy? I'm 1 1/2 dog years now, but I'm still pretty cute. I must be since they look at me and say, "Awwww!" a lot.


She sure is strange! said...

Awwwww, how cute!! My parents have one named Dixie, spoiled rotten brat! Now my daughters want one as our "next" dog.LOL We already have 2 black labs, a border collie and a dachshund/cairn mix, 6 indoor cats and 9 guinea pigs. Sheesh! I have to admit Corgis are adorable though.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Elffie and Monty must be similar in age. Well Monty is a little older by a few months? Elffin was born on 7/7/07. And yes that dishwasher photo is a regular thing around here. Aren't corgi's the best dogs in the world?

Kitt said...

Aw, too cute! I know a corgi named Welly. He likes to herd chickens.

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