Sunday, September 21, 2008

Less Stuff

This Saturday was our town's first annual town-wide tag sale, and I was one of the ten families selling. The space was only $10, but only if I made $10. I had so many big things to get rid of: strollers, high chair, child's easel and more. I do some selling on ebay, but big things are too much hassle to find a box and pack and they're too expensive to ship. My car (a Toyota Matrix) was packed like clowns in VW bug.

The day was glorious... sunny, low 70s and a light breeze. I got to sit and people watch for four hours (one of my favorite past times), and I made $120. As much as I love the thrill of an ebay auction ending, it's also pretty exciting to have someone put actual cash in my hand. I was tempted by a couple of things being sold in other spaces, but I resisted. The day was about unloading.

In the last hour, I looked at my remaining merchandise and considered what stuff I didn't want to go back in the door of my house again. At closing time, I was mentally prepared for scrupulous packing... a box to go home and a box for thrift donation. I drove directly to the thrift store and dropped off half the stuff in my car. I'm giving myself until the end of the year to sell the remaining things, or they'll be donated too.

Now I'm in cleaning out mood. I spent yesterday going through our cellar. I only got to the laundry and entry areas, but a lot of stuff went in the trash can or a box for the thrift store. Tonight, I'll get some stuff listed on ebay. It feels good to be ridding my life and home of unneeded stuff


She sure is strange! said...

Yeah for resisting! Yeah for extra dollars!!

When we lived in a different town I used to have garage sales all the time and make over $200 each time. For some reason my luck ran out when we moved, I've rarely made even $50 here so I just started taking the stuff to Goodwill. I'm still getting rid of the junk, just not profitting, darn it.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love clearing out. It's nice to know that things don't mean as much to me as they used to. There was a time years ago where I couldn't get rid of anything. I was too attached. Well done on selling so much.

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