Monday, September 15, 2008

Tunbridge World's Fair

What a weekend! It might take me all week to write about it. I know it will take me all week to recover from it.

Friday night, we braved the drizzle and went to the Tunbridge World's Fair. It's out in the sticks... right in the middle of farm country. It's so far off a major highway that you'd be sure you were lost if you didn't know where you were going.

They have everything that a good country fair should have... prize winning produce,
livestock (isn't that the cutest pig pile ever?),
greasy fair food, tractor pulls, ox pulls, pig races, games and a midway. Some nights they have a deal where you buy a $12 wrist band, and you can ride all the rides as many times as you want. Pipsqueak got our money's worth. She's was up and down the giant slide so many times, it made me dizzy.
When I first saw this ride, I thought they were little capsules, but they were supposed to be bobsleds. I think they should rename the ride "Heartburn" and the kiddies ride the little purple Zantac pills to destroy the acid.
At the end of our evening we were tired and a little damp around the edges, but my cheeks hurt from smiling so that's a pretty good gauge of a good time.

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

I just love photos of fairs. I haven't been in three summers and I miss it when I looked at your photos. Ours happened in Aug while Dave was gone and I didn't have the heart to go by myself. I think your mouth hurting from smiling is the best thing ever.

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