Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bat in My "Belfry"

There's rarely a dull moment here in "Wild Kingdom." I was taking screens out of windows and putting down storms yesterday morning. Before I take each screen out, I have close look for hornets because often the little buggers get in there, and I don't want to get stung. In one of the guest bedroom windows, I was startled when I saw a little ball of fur in the space between the window and the screen. A closer inspection led to me to identify it as a Little Brown Bat. He was about 2 inches tall. He'd gotten in through a tiny crack where the screen was not set into the frame properly. We were so lucky to have a literal window into his world where we got to inspect and observe him so closely.
Later in the day, he moved to the upper part of the window. I stealthily removed the screen then so he could get out easier.
At dusk, Pipsqueak reported that he seemed to be shaking, and soon after that he was moving. He spent a long time grooming and fluffing his fur and stretching his wings. Then he used his clawed feet and the claws in the middle joint of his wings to deftly shimmy down the muntin between the window panes. He went straight to where the crack was that he entered through, and off he flew.
We checked this morning, but he had not come back. Either he has hibernated or found a better crack to sleep in.


Kitt said...

Wow, cool! I always worry about solitary bats because they might be sick. But he looks healthy enough. Neat to see one so close up.

Anonymous said...

see it move!

She sure is strange! said...

OMG, I would have freaked out bigtime!!!! We have huge bats here in the summertime, they swoop down and drink from our pool which totally messes with me when I swim at night. Shudder! I am grateful for their bug-eating though.


megan said...

He looks so cute! I just found an old Mother Earth News article about building bat houses in your yard. It seems they eat lots of mosquitos which would make our outdoor time much more fun. Thinking about it....

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