Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I spent most of yesterday getting ready for today. It starts with the harvest party at Pipsqueak's school. They will be making applesauce, carving pumpkins and doing a craft with pressed leaves. They will also have some tasty treats provided by parents. I made a Spiced Pumpkin Bread from and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds courtesy of Kitt's delicious recipe.
At the end of the celebration, I'll be reading Too Many Pumpkins.

It's a great story and fun to read. It's about a woman that hates pumpkins. One lands in her yard when it falls off a truck and starts growing the next spring. Despite her neglect she grows a truck load of pumpkins, so she makes all sort of pumpkin dishes for the neighbors to get rid of them. It turns out she enjoys it so much, she saves a handful of seeds to plant the next spring. After I finish the story, I have a package of pumpkin seeds to give to each child with planting instructions.
Later, we'll do a bit of local trick or treating, and then go downtown for the Pumpkins in the Park event. There will be a pumpkin carving contest. I carved mine today: bats,
a spider, a Pipsqueak-alike, and a witch. I think I'll enter the witch in the contest. There is also a haunted walk, costume parade, games and a scavenger hunt.
Add into this an eye exam for me and after-school chorus practice for Pipsqueak and the day sounds frightening in a non-Halloween way. After the goblin has gone to bed, I think I'll need some BOO-ze. (Sorry; I couldn't help myself.) I'm tired just thinking about it, but I've planned not to have plans this weekend. I'm going to relax and putter around the house. I'm looking forward to that extra hour we'll get from setting the clocks back on Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween! We are having a tailgate party at the next door neighbors where we'll have a little potluck and hand out candy. This keeps kids from going to our front door and making the dogs crazy.... and yes, there will be a little BOO-ze involved... we're handing out those tiny bottles with Jack Daniels in them--JUST KIDDING!

Kitt said...

Happy spooky day! Glad you enjoyed the seeds. Giving seed packets is a great idea!

It's now dark out here and I've gotten TWO trick-or-treaters. 13-year-old boys, by the looks of 'em, with a parental unit trolling alongside them down the street in an SUV. How lame is that?

Hope you have more fun!

Manisha said...

What a great idea!

We didn't carve our pumpkin - we ran out of time. I love the Pipsqueak look-alike!

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