Thursday, October 23, 2008

Never Enough

Thanks to blogging, there are days that I feel lazy and unproductive. It's not because my butt is making a dent in the couch all day while I type, point and click. (I have cut back... really, I have.) It's just that I read about everything everybody else has been doing and I feel like a slacker. Maybe it's because I'm reading the collective goings-on of about eight people and somehow I feel like I should have done all that, too. Oh, someone is knitting a scarf; I should have knit today. She made bread; I love making bread. There are women out there walking their dogs, cleaning their furnace, planning luncheons for all their neighbors, trying new recipes and more. It's all very humbling. So, what did I do today?
  • made breakfast, which included fresh squeezed orange juice
  • took a call from Pipsqueak's teacher re: next Friday's harvest party
  • folded two baskets of laundry
  • washed two loads of laundry and hung it out to dry even though it was cold
  • put half of the window screens away
  • put butcher's wax on the mahogany dining table
  • polished the silver candle holders and put in fresh candles
  • talked to my sister in law about her cancer treatment
  • talked with another parent to plan next the school's harvest party
  • made lunch
  • went to the salon for Sydney's and my hair cuts
  • cleaned up half the vegetable garden
  • visited my mother
  • made supper (a new recipe) and cleaned up after supper

It may look like a lot, but since there is more that I should have done and wanted to do, somehow it doesn't seem like enough. It'll never be enough.


Anonymous said...

Well, you did a HECKUVA lot more than I did! I wonder what the official psychiatric definition of blog addiction will be.. Now, if I could just stick to reading the happy-go-lucky ones, I'll keep myself out of a straitjacket.

She sure is strange! said...

So, next time you're asked what you did all day you can NOT say "nothing"! I am hoping to get away with doing nothing tomorrow because I'm exhausted from park day and running all over town being busy but I know my list will end up with a dozen boring things that take up long hours(like laundry, baking a whacky cake, making dinner, feeding children, cleaning my room, etc.). A whole lot of "nothing" in other words. I'd love a day to crochet and fondle my fabrics. Maybe this weekend...


ps, what is butcher's wax??

Kitt said...

That's a whole lot! And you know what I accomplished today around the house? Squat.

Some of us are not nearly as industrious as our blogs would have you believe.

Betty said...

You did a whole lot more than me too! Never compare with other people....

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