Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Decoration

I don't do much Halloween decorating since we live out in the sticks, but there are a couple of things I do every year...
I plant mums in the deck urns and put our home grown pumpkins around them. Monty, our Welsh Corgi, thought the pumpkins were some new chew toys for him, and he took a big bite out of the back of one before I could set him straight on the matter.

I also put a dish of candy corn on the table. The dish never stays full very long since the whole family is nuts for candy corn. A few years ago Brachs brand added honey to their recipe, but this year we discovered Jelly Belly brand with no honey. It's a much cleaner taste without the cloying sweetness. They are a bit smaller though, so it's difficult to tuck them under my upper lip for vampire teeth or yellow buck teeth. It's hard to choose... flavor or fun?


Vicki said...

My family's the opposite re: the candy corn - I put the same bowl out every year, and nobody ever touches it :)

Kitt said...

I could eat candy corn 'til the cows came home. Fangs are fun, but I'd go for flavor.

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