Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Best Birthday Gift

A couple of months ago, I gave Sweetie some plans I'd found for building a barred owl box and told him that was what I wanted for Christmas. (I'm nothing if not practical.) Much to my surprise, he made one for my birthday.
He added the natural stick perch today and mounted it to a maple tree about 20 feet up where we can see it from the house, but far enough away that the inhabitants won't feel intruded upon. I've read that they should be up in September when owls are looking to nest, but I'm hoping for an owl that may be disenchanted with its original choice of home and is looking for a last minute upgrade. Perhaps I should place an ad: One bedroom nesting box in great location, newly built, clean, close to excellent hunting grounds, southern exposure.

Call me crazy, but now I'm going to ask for a bat house for Christmas.


Marcy said...

That's just beautiful. Barred are my favorite owls here in central NY; I hope you get some tenants.

Aunt Becky said...

That is too cool. I'm dying for some bat boxes to help with the mosquitoes we get out here.

Betty said...

What a sweet guy! Very thoughtful! I hope you post the new tenants...

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